About Me - Marcus Farnfield

About Me

I am currently..

..in Beaminster, Dorset!

Photographer, Cyclist and Lover of the Outdoors

I’m Marcus, a 26 year old two-wheeled adventure lover. I grew up in a small town just north of London in the UK. Over the past few years I have cycled both the length of the UK and the breadth of the USA, both trips that enabled me to meet some fantastic people and introduced me to the joys of long distance cycle touring.

I’ve spent most of the last three years living in Jinja, a small town on the northern shore of Lake Victoria, Uganda. The town is famous for being the source of the Nile from where the great river beings its journey north through the continent until it meets the sea in Egypt.

My time in Uganda served to underline my love of landscape photography but has also introduced me to the joys to be found in portrait, sports and adventure photography too. My work, with a small NGO, allowed me to get out of the office almost every day and into the countryside giving me ample time to experiment with the wonderful colours of that beautiful country.

As my time in Uganda drew to a close I once again felt the pull of life on the road and so I chose to spend a few months in the USA cycling once again, this time down some of the west coast. I cycle for enjoyment, to meet people and to teach photography so as to open up this great hobby to as many people as I can! 

Now I'm back in the UK, I hope I can do the same for you!